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Airbnb Furniture Cheat Sheet

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This Furniture Cheat Sheet I created includes every single amenity and furniture item you will need to setup and furnish your Airbnb. 

It is organized by retailer, has the price of every item. You enter the quantity of the item and it will give you the total. If you are furnishing 1 Unit or 100 Units it will give you a comprehensive breakdown on the cost of each item along with total cost per unit. I also included the furniture build quote sheet, when you are taking quotes from furniture builders to build everything you can input the price of each item as well and that will be included in your total cost to build and total cost per unit. 

When you click the link below make sure to make a copy and save in your own Google Drive. That way you and your team can always access it and make changes. Feel free to make any changes as you need prices of furniture are always changing and inventory is always cycling. 

This is the most important google sheet I use every time I decide to expand the business and pickup more units. Its a great way to stay organized and within budget.